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We believe that recording and playing live should be about making music of the highest quality, not about figuring out complicated gear. We strive to make playing at any venue just as simple as playing at home. Our system eliminates complexity, drastically reduces the chance of feedback, and delivers a truly fantastic tone.

Smarter Amplification

Intuitive Pickups delivers tone like no one has before. We bring together a magnetic soundhole pickup and a small internal condenser microphone in a strategic way. Instead of simply blending signals, our patent-pending algorithms take the best parts each signal to build a stronger, cleaner, more realistic overall tone, while adaptively fighting feedback to deliver stellar results.

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Head to head comparison

Hear how the Intuitive Pickups system stacks up.

Not only do we know it sounds great, we can prove it.

Recording studio microphone setups are the gold standard in capturing the sound of acoustic instruments. Most high-end acoustic pickups may capture 30% of a guitar's true sound. The Intuitive Pickups System, however, has a 95% correlation with the output signal of professional studio microphones.

We destroy feedback

We hate feedback. Who cares if your guitar sounds amazing if you can't hear it over ear-piercing howling and screeching of microphone feedack? We attack feedback head-on using our patent-pending algorithms that automatically adjust depending on the space you're in, delivering the perfect balance of feedback-resistance and quality tone. Using a small microphone attached to our instrument cable (included with stompbox), the system constantly monitors the stage environment and adapts the algorithms to quickly destroy feedback before it even has a fighting chance.



Installation is easy. The Intuitive Pickups System installs just like any magnetic pickup. First, the pickup assembly is mounted in the soundhole, and tightened with screws. Protective cork ensures your instrument finish will not be damaged.


If your guitar is already equipped with a 1/4" jack, simply remove the old jack and insert the new one. If your instrument has not been drilled for a pickup, you or a luthier will need to drill an installation hole. We do offer smaller endpin jacks in special cases.


Plug it in! That's it. Power up your stompbox and you're ready to go.


"It should just be called mic-in-a-box, because it really sounds like my guitar... only louder."
- Skip B

Grammy Nominated Guitarist

"The tone is extremely seamless and slick. Sounds just like my guitar. This is the best amped sound I've ever heard."
- Sam B

Professional Guitarist

"The balance of the straings sounds really nice and full. It's such a profound change from other pickups."
- Spencer P

Experienced Guitarist

"The sound is so much rounder and fuller, and I'm only playing with a soft touch. It's extremely responsive and the dynmics are great."
- Vince S

Professional Guitarist and Sound Engineer

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